Bootcamps are sessions of intensive training that are done twice a week for a set period of time (either 6 or 8 weeks) with the objective of preparing you for bigger challenges, higher intensity training or other specific goals.

You are coached in a small group where we monitor your progress, get you started on our nutritional support system and teach you the techniques and fitness aspects you need to know in order to achieve your goals, either through Boxing Camp, Body Tone, or a True Form 6 week preparation program to become a part of our monthly membership group. 

Body Sharp bootcamps exist to get you in shape and fit in the fastest way, and you will see dramatical changes within your fitness and appearance.


This is a 3 day long intensive fitness Bootcamp that takes place in a Hotel, where we’ll be doing various vigorous activities from strength training, conditioning to cardio and boxing, and you will be educated on food and nutrition, with the overall objective of getting you out of your comfort zone and in to the Body Sharp fitness training level.

Specialized workshops include: Motivational Coaching, Nutrition Programming for goals, Body Analysis testing, Food logging Training. 

As a Bootcamp, we start early in the morning and finish late in the day. Our trainers will be supervising your work and progress as well as your food intake.

You will walk away with all the tools you need to carry on with your progress and reach your personal fitness goals. After you finish the 3 day workshop, we can continue supporting your fitness journey through Online Coaching or our tailored made personal training programs. 


This is an 8 weeks Bootcamp to educate you in the right techniques and methods of building muscle and remaining toned, while being supervised and aided by Body Sharp’s fitness trainers. You will also receive nutritional support on the right food to help with your progression throughout the 8 weeks.


Bodysharp 8 weeks programme teaching you the techniques of basic boxing combinations, foot work, back drills and circuits. It’s here to get you fit, have fun and learn boxing as a discipline. Perfect for beginners!

Boxing is a great way of burning calories, learn self-defense while getting yourself in shape.

TRUE FORM (NEW Members only)

This is a 6 week program where you train 2 times per week as an introduction to Body Sharp training methods and the safety aspects of training, as well as correct form of exercises like bench press, squats, deadlifts, and so on. 

You will be shown how to track your progression using Body Sharp’s analyzer and how to use “MyFitnessPal”, which is a great way to track daily food intake, and you will receive nutritional advice.

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will be in great shape to attend the Body Sharp monthly program and you will feel completely ready to join in, as you would have gone through what is expected of members in each training session, but at a slower pace.