Studio Memberships Prices and Packages

TRUE FORM 6 Weeks intorductory programme to Bodysharp.

  • 2 Session's per week 
  • Nutrition food planning and online coaching
  • Physical and lifestyle Group Coaching
  • Personal Training Services at Discount rate

£ 50.00

Monthly Unlimed | 12 Auto renew  

(Once completed TRUE FORM 6 Weeks introductory programme)


Monthly Unlimed | 3 Auto renew 

Following 12 month services packages can be purchased as 6 months and 3 months for shorter time period, for more information click on pricing option.  

Personal Training and Nutrition Packages 

Stop wasting money at the Gym! Take the 1st step whatever your fitness goals are. Work with a trainer to create a personal plan to meet your goals. We offer a range of one-to-one training options with our trainers that are vastly experienced in boxing to high intensity training and strength and conditioning. Click on the link to book yourself in for a wellness evaluation and find out on how we can support you!

Off-Peak (9am-4pm)Peak (9am - 9pm)Premium (Anytime)
Individual Sessions £35.00 £40.00 £45.00

4 Session over 4 weeks

£140.00 5%off Discount price £133.00 Saving £7.00 £160.00 5% off Discount price £152.00 Saving £8.00 £200.00 5% off Discount price £171.00 Saving £9.00

Session  over 4 weeks

£280.00 10%off Discount price £252.00 Saving £28.00 £320.00 10% off Discount price £288.00 Saving £32.00 £360.00 10% off Discount price £313.00 Saving £46.80

12 Session over 4 weeks 

£420.00 15% off Discount price £357.00 Saving £63.00 £420.00 15% off Discount price £408.00 Saving £72.00 £468.00 15% off Discount price £459.40 Saving £81.60

Online Personal Training and Nutrition Packages

You have little TIME or your totally LOST when HITTING the gym with low motivation and the will to carry on is at an end. Then this is for YOU, join Bodysharp's online monthly personal training programme online, workouts can be designed for at home or a the GYM into your own training app or picked up via website, pad and smart phone this is all whilst your trainer tracks your progression through the plan. Click on the link below to book yourself in for an online assessment and find out on how Bodysharp can support you! 


Monthly plans  available6 Weeks Online Program coaching12 Weeks Online Program coaching
Invidual Customize Training Program
Weekly Accountability record check
Moble/iPad App Support
Goal and target planning
Fitness Testing
Client Progress Graph
Feedback with phone call support
Nutrition / Meal Planning

Availability Calendar

Here's the shared calendar for Bodysharp Studio Academy. Any timespots blank, you can request a personal training session from our trainers. Simply contact us and let us know.


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