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 "Since training with BodySharp, I now sleep better, have more energy at work,  and eat considerably better. The workout programs are amazingly interesting, fun, and diverse! Their workout videos are easy to follow and you can learn more about techniques and proper exercises. With their app, you can also track your progression. Thus, the online training program is really convenient since you can do it in any location; home, gym, parks and even on holiday, all you have to do is to get your mobile and start following the workout videos. I highly recommend BodySHARP!”

"I searched for online training then I saw BodySHARP online coaching! So I got curious and tried it and wow it actually works! The team are completely in tune with my goals and pushes me to meet them.  Their free  App  has been helping me a lot.  There are scheduled workouts to follow every day with indicated time and descriptions so you won’t get confused. I am so happy that I met these very responsible group of people with great vision digitizing personal training. I definitely look forward to seeing future updates!”


“Mikey, helped me ease my way into working out and eating a balanced diet, with the help of their app also. You can clearly track your progression any time you want! This is great for anyone who needs help to stay in shape without bells and whistles of a gym. I get a reminder each day at the present time of my choosing to do exercises. It has only been 5 weeks now and I am in better shape than I have ever been, and I consistently have more energy. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and increased my endurance.”


I hated training from a very young age cause I used to get out of breath, didn't realise that it was a wake up call for me, it bother me later on in my life as I was getting on with my age,  I felt very uncomfortable taking my clothes off in front of my husband I was a size 18.

When I met Sabrina, she asked me how much does it mean to me to lose this weight she encouraged me and inspired me that if I put mind my to losing this weight, I can do it we took small steps Sabrina's  constant motivation and determination kept me on my toes,I started to see my weight loss swift, there were times I felt  unmotivated, but weekly conference calls the encouragement that she gave me was enough to to carry on.

I now have the confidence and have started going to the gym, and the online programmes that Sabrina has Taylormade purely for me and her vidoes are so exciting and educating, and I love every moment of it.