Personal Training and Nutrition

The BEST thing about our Personal Training is that we offer you exclusivity at our Studio, this means that the time you book with us is completely reserved for you and a few others that train in this way. You will get to work in a private space that affords you all the focus you need, we don’t teach group classes or allow other members to enter our facilities during Personal Training time.

You get to work one-on-one with one of our vastly experienced trainers who will tailor a plan to meet your unique goals. We offer a range of options for you to take on the challenge, and get to wherever you want to get!





Schedule:      Off Peak(9am-4pm) Peak(9am-9pm) Premium(anytime)       

Individual Session:              £35               £40                       £45

4 Sessions over 4 weeks:  £133              £152                     £171

8 Sessions over 4 weeks:   £252             £288                     £313

12 Sessions over 4 weeks: £357             £408                     £459

“We offer 5% discount on our 4 sessions package, 10% on the 8 sessions package, and 15% on the 12 sessions package WHEN or IF YOU…”


Meet Our Trainers

21 years of experience

About Mikey Spice

Allow me to introduce myself Personal trainer and Sports Performance Coach MikeySpice, UK head trainer at Bodysharp Fitness Studio Academy. I have worked within the Health, Fitness and Sport industry for over 18 years either at competition level or training my clients for a competition, former ABA Boxing Coach and played at Basketball National league level. When working with my client 121 or with a group I not only work on your body but also with your mind.

If you are serious about taking your training and diet to the next level and getting into the best shape of your life...Let do THIS....

Level 2 Gym Instructor (UK)
Level 3 Personal Training Certificate (UK)
ABA Boxing Coach
Level 2 Children Exercise (UK)
Certified Group Exercise Instructor (UK)

9 years of experience

About Sabrina, Ray

Since the age of 18 I have been training in a variety of different types of sports, boxing, circuits weights crossfit, self defence as well as competitive swimming.I am very passionate about sport and decided to get more involved in fitness industry on a professional level. My aim is to inspire others to gain and better there self-confidence, loose or increase weight or to get more toned.
I can help to inspire, motivate and energise your lifestyle whilst focusing on expanding your knowledge in both exercise and nutrition.

Level 2 Gym Instructor (UK)
Level 3 Personal Training Certificate (UK)
ABA Boxing Coach

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What Clients Say About Us



"Mikey is one of the most committed and hardworking trainer I've met. He has this special eye to his clients and knows exactly what to do with them as he works the extra mile to every person's level and is able to bring out the best in every individual. I once thought that online training won't work for me but Mikey proved it wrong because I am becoming addicted to it."


"Mike's enthusiastic attitude towards his clients is what I have longed for in a trainer. I have been under numerous fitness trainers but I have never seen such a positive and hardworking attitude like that, not to mention the superb energy that he puts with it. I actually love and hate working out with him because he's unstoppable and will push you to your limits even if you feel like giving up. So glad that he never gave up on me though. I am happy with the results."


"I have been in a fitness training for many years, but this online training is a new thing for me yet I tried it because I trusted Mikey that he was able to bring out the best in me. Lo and behold, in just a few months of training under his supervision, I lost about 30 pounds which is far greater from what i've expected. He has a great personality that every individual like me is looking for in a fitness coach. Giving up is not in his plate."


"Since recovering from an injury last year, Sabrina is helping me get my fitness levels back by creatively tailoring exercises to fit my current fitness and flexibility, but still pushing me so I feel a real improvement. Every week I'm feeling stronger and more confident in my abilities and really look forward to the sessions. She's inspiring, knowledgeable and hard working and makes you believe in yourself - I love the no-fuss friendly atmosphere at Body Sharp Fitness Academy! "


"Iv been training with sabrina since 2015. It has been the best decision i have ever made. Sabrina has really motivated and pushed me to achieve my goals. I have lost weight and feel more confident and its all thanks to sabrina! Without her support and encouragement i would never have lost the weight. It has been an amazing journey, i have learnt so much about nutrition and fitness and I'm still learning more thanks to the fun pt sessions that sabrina plans for me. Not only have i lost weight, i feel more confident in other aspects of my life, i can honestly say i feel better and more confident in myself since training with sabrina. Thanks sabrina for the support! You are an amazing personal trainer! And thanks to body sharp gym and Micheal for offering an amazing workout environment. "